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AB Bulk mailer for Windows

Email Marketing Software for Business Use

AB Bulk Mailer offers business owners with a quick and streamlined method to send emails to customers.

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  • Multiple email servers are used to ensure redundancy and efficiency.
  • A built-in Twitter connection will benefit social media campaigns and online exposure.


  • There is currently no free version of AB Bulk Mailer available.
  • There are few contacts in regards to professional customer support specialists.

AB Bulk Mailer offers business owners with a quick and streamlined method to send emails to customers.

Core Features and Accessories

AB Bulk Mailer is essentially an automated email distributor. This is often required when communicating with a large number of clients (such as during a promotion or a sale). The messages themselves can be sent in either HTML or text formats and multiple email servers are employed to cut down on lag times when dealing with large amounts of information. The developers also claim that deliveries are 100 per cent guaranteed and as opposed to mail being interpreted as spam, it will always arrive directly into the inbox. Please note that the number of mails being sent will be subject to daily and hourly limits.

Additional Information

Another useful accessory associated with AB Bulk Mailer is that it is equipped with a built-in Twitter application. This app will post up to 125 searchable tweets per hour. This software is free from all viruses and it was first developed as far back as December 2010. A one-time paid fee is required.

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AB Bulk mailer


AB Bulk mailer 9.8.1

User reviews about AB Bulk mailer

  • by Emmanuel Egwurube

    I bought the Ab bulk mailer in February of 2017. The mailer works in terms of sending the mails. However, I have issues with the supporMore

  • by Emmanuel Egwurube

    For the cost, the bot is working. However, I have few things against the mailer and the support provided by abobjects team. Firstly, evMore

  • Parvez Ahmad

    by Parvez Ahmad

    best software for email marketing and targeted marketing at cheap rates

  • by Anonymous

    really cutting edge technology inside. the software is world class, as it is used worldwide and is #1 in its kind in the world. Pros: eMore

  • by Anonymous

    ONly error on windows 10. Does not work on WIndows 10. Error on startup. Seems there are no quality check on this software

  • by Anonymous

    it a great bot for overall marketinging needs. very good tool for new year marketing. I have been using the software from 5 years